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Solys™ The NoCut Razor

Solys™ The NoCut Razor

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Get the smoothest shave while getting rid of ingrowns and razor bumps

🌱 Recommended and Certified by Dermatologists

🪒 No More Razor Bumps

🧈 Fast & Smooth Shaving

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Solys™ The NoCut Razor

Regular price £25.00
Regular price £25.00 Sale price £49.00
SAVE 48% Sold out

30-Days Full Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you're not happy with your razor, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Simply contact us for your refund.

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Why settle for ingrowns and razor bumps?

You deserve a smooth, silky shave, nothing less.

Normal multi-blade razors cut your hair below your skin surface, leading to ingrowns, bumps, itchiness, and irritation.

The Solys razor is specially made to cut the hair just above the skin, leading to a smooth, perfect shave. Every time.

We Fix EVERY Hair Removal Problems

And we are confident to say so

With our Safety technology, it prevents you from cutting yourself while using our razor.

Our razor gives you laser and waxing-type results, but without the pain and expense.

It's simple: the Solys razor will give you a painless, itch-free, irritation-free, redness-free, ingrown-free, bump-free, and nick-free shave.

  • Smoothest Shave

  • No Cuts & Nicks

  • No Ingrows

  • No Strawberry legs

  • No redness & Irritation

  • No Itchiness

Join 74,976+ girls with smooth, bump and ingrowns free shaves.

See How Solys Will Give You The Smoothest Shave



Save Thousands & The Planet

Yes, disposable razors may be cheap at first, but the price quickly adds up. Our razor can be used for a lifetime, saving you thousands on cheap razors and expensive laser/wax sessions.

Also, unlike 2 billion normal razors each year, the Solys razor will not end up in a landfill.

30-Days Smooth Shave Guarantee

If you don't like using your Solys razor, simply contact us within 30-days to get a full refund. No questions asked!


We got answers

Is it safe for beginners?


Our razor is super easy to use. One thing that you will need to adjust is the amount of force you use while pressing down. Since our razor cuts so well, you don't need to apply as much force as you might with other razors.

Can I use it everywhere?


But please be more carful on sensitive skin and in your face area. Your razor IS NOT used to shave around eyes.

Is it waterproof?


Our razor is waterproof. We suggest drying your razor after using it underwater to prevent rust in the long run.

Can I replace the blades?


You can easily replace the blade in seconds. Our razor package comes with either 10 or 20 blades.

How long does one blade last?

One blade last from 10 to 15 shave.